Advantages of applying to a UK University
June - Tuesday

Why should you consider applying to a UK University?

The UK is renowned for its universities and the high quality of higher education that they provide to new and upcoming minds wanting to contribute to their field of expertise.

If you are looking to apply to a UK university but are unsure about the application process and what it entails, then the British Education Consultancy (BEC) can aid you with your decision making and provide you with all of the necessary information.


Education by Numbers

The UK has a rich history of education and tradition dating back to the 1100s with the opening of the UK's most prestigious universities, Oxford University and Cambridge University. Since then, the UK has boasted a high quality of education, with over 2.38 million students studying higher education in the UK in the 2018-2019 academic year alone.


UK Culture and Tradition

The UK is also known for its unique culture, sense of diversity and deep-rooted traditions. Studying in the UK not only provides students with the opportunity to receive a high quality of education, but it also allows them to fully immerse themselves in British culture and experience many destinations of interest. By land area, the UK is not a large country on the world scale but crammed into the number of islands which make up this enigmatic island nation are countless historic landmarks, scenic masterpieces and notable places of interest.


Birthplace of Modern English

Although the English language has undergone many changes over the centuries, Modern English can place its origin solely in the UK. Entwined with the English language are the numerous regional accents that can be heard all across the country. Ranging from Received Pronunciation in the South of England to the distinguishable accents of the North. The UK is home to a treasure trove of unique accents for visitors to the UK to enjoy and learn from.


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